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"Bilingualism on its own is not a guarantee of written fluency or skill in translation."  (Getting it Right:  A Guide to Buying Translations, an American Translators Association publication.)


Welcome to The Write Translator, the website of Daniel Salinero. I'm a balanced bilingual (Spanish-English) with very good linguistic competence in French. I pride myself on the level of detail and special attention I apply to maintain the meaning of the source text while creating a target text tailored to a client's intended audience. I provide quality translations Spanish↔English as well as French→English and French→Spanish.

My linguistic competency in combination with my professional preparation and experience in translation, interpretation and education helps to ensure that your translations are true, accurate and correct. Please contact me with a sample of the documents you need translated so I can determine if I can produce a quality translation up to professional industry standards. If I determine that I cannot do so, I will be very happy to help you find a translator who would be a better fit for your assignment.


I am not part of an agency. When you work with The Write Translator, you work with me and I am personally responsible for every aspect of the project. Depending on the assignment, I do collaborate with editors and proofreaders from the country of the targeted audience, but you are notified beforehand and the proper permission is secured from you in order to maintain confidentiality of your assignment.

From time to time, I am fortunate to be able to provide pro bono work for non-profit organizations and other political, social, and cultural organizations whose values and goals I support. Please see my Rates page for more information.

Some kind words from recent clients:

"Daniel's work ethics were impecable. He was very organized and effecient in his methods. He researched the subject in depth. Most importantly he delivered a quality product on time. Thanks Daniel. "

Jim and Julia Blain  (JBI Language Solutions)                                                                                          

"The sisters whom I asked to read sections of  El Porqué de Una Transformación have loved your translation and are enthusiastic about it. I too love it. You have captured M. Margarita … and we know this is not easy given her poetic style and incomplete sentences. We are very grateful for your efforts to render such an authentic translation and for having put into such beautiful English this story of our foundress and her spirit. It is very meaningful to all of us in the Institute. 

Thank you again for everything you have done for us, Daniel … you have helped us fulfill a dream that goes back to the moment we saw the original edition of El Porqué de Una Transformación. And, be assured that you will be remembered and kept close in prayer by our sisters as they read and study this text. "

D. Mary Ann Becmer, mmb  (Mercedarian Missionaries of Bérriz)

Books Translated:

Spanish into English - El porqué de una transformación (2014)

English into Spanish - ¡Pumpus tiene una brillante idea! (2016)

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